Meet Us


That’s me, Kelli Nicole, the mama now behind Solid Kids Co. with my little crew. 
When I was pregnant for the first time, we found out we were expecting twins! But before we knew their genders, we had the hardest time finding gender neutral basics at the store. And in our joy of finally becoming parents (we struggled for 3 years to conceive and ultimately were blessed with our twins via IVF), we consumed a LOT of clothing. As I grew as a mother, one thing became clear to me. We don't need to be producing and discarding so much clothing. What we needed was high quality items that we could pass on and wouldn't end up in the garbage. So it was only natural that I turned to my old friend the sewing machine and began sewing again for the first time in many years. Solid Kids Co. is now available to the public in minimal quantities for everyone to love.





Solid Kids Co. is a semi-custom baby and children's clothing brand that's all about being Modern, Comfy and Simple. Our style is practical, ultra-comfy and gender neutral. 


Every item is made in house. Our pieces are made to last and survive those tumbles from babyhood to big kids! All of our styles feature soft and stretchy premium materials in modern, yet timeless styles. Ease and versatility so you can grab and go!


All of our items can be customized with our Solid Edits


This is not the place for fast fashion. Trends and seasons aren't what matter. Our goal is a seamless unity of ethics and aesthetics to escape mass consumption and focus on styles that truly appeal. 


We work diligently to source textiles and notions that are sustainably grown and produced. A large majority of our new fabrics are custom-milled right here in the USA! Sustainability also transcends into our shipping and packaging materials - we try to eliminate one-way plastics and opt for recyclable materials whenever possible.